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It’s episode 3 of the The Baker Street Irregulars! After that jaw-dropping ‘Elementary’ finale, we just couldn’t resist dedicating an entire podcast to these amazing women. Have a listen while we swoon over Irene, marvel at Moriarty and love love LOVE Joan Watson. With comparisons to canon as well as other Sherlock Holmes adaptations by the BBC and Granada TV, we talk about what makes these women, and this adaptation, especially groundbreaking in the annals of Holmesian tv.


  • this episode is mostly safe for work, but there are some mild references to sex 
  • this episode contains discussions of gaslighting, emotional manipulation/abuse and drug abuse

The Sober Companion



It’s episode 2 of The Baker Street Irregulars, titled “The Sober Companion.”  In this episode we take a look at Watson’s role in Holmes’ battles with addiction, and reflect on whether recent adaptations do justice to this extremely complex and intimate relationship.

Episode 3 will air two weeks from today (we promise!), and focus on how modern adaptations portray Holmes as neuroatypical.

Hope you enjoy this podcast, and please share any comments/criticisms/questions/insights you may have! We love feedback from y’all!


  • this episode is safe for work
  • this episode contains references to cocaine addiction, recovery, relapsing, abuse, depression, dry-drunkenness and other addiction/recovery issues.


The inaugural podcast by The Baker Street Irregulars, and as promised we are taking a look at Irene Adler, aka The Woman, and how she features in two of the most prominent Sherlock Holmes adaptations: BBC Sherlock and Granada TV Sherlock Holmes.

Expect giggles, references to priest kinks, and some mild swearing. (If you’re listening at work use headphones)

Trigger warning for a couple references to sexual violence.

Episode 2, called ‘The Sober Companion’, will air two weeks from today, and feature a look at Watson’s role specifically in regards to Holmes’ battles with addiction. Hit us up with any questions or suggestions!

Hope you enjoy this premiere of TBSI’s podcast, and please share any comments/criticisms/questions/insights you may have